Guy Fawkes masks are all over the Internet, this time in the Philippines in protest of the Cyber Crime Law.

The Guy Fawkes mask was popularized in the film V for Vendetta (2006) adapted from the comic book story of Moore and Lloyd.

Below is an old blogpost I did in 2007. Then and now, Freedom is at a risk. 

While PeNoy keeps on saying that he is the opposite of his predecessor, it looks like he is just the same as GMA or former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Big Brother simply replaced Big Sister.



                                                                         “The people should not be afraid of the government. 
                                                                           The government should be afraid of the people.” - V

The Movie to watch in Big Sister’s Philippines

The Wachowski brothers did it again! The Matrix (the original not the sequels) was such a great philosophical metaphor of a film. This time, it is a straightforward attack on the supporters of Georgie Porgie and his War on Terror.Well, it is still a metaphor but anyone can immediately see the parallel between the High Chancellor (played by the very good actor John Hurt) and George W. Bush, and the events in the film are close to reality. (Of course, nobody can expect George Bush to be as articulate as John Hurt.)

The movie is V for Vendetta, directed by the Wachowski brothers, who gave us The Matrix. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith of The Matrix) is the Man Behind the Mask in this Phantom of the Opera-cum-1984 film. Natalie Portman (of the second Star Wars trilogy) plays the leading female character. John Hurt, who played Winston Smith, the rugged individualist who resisted Big Brother’s impositions in Orwell’s 1984, now plays the Big Brother himself (Chancellor Sutler) in V for Vendetta.

Like 1984, V for Vendetta shows us how easy people can be duped into surrendering their freedom for alleged or imagined security threats. The Americans have already given up some of their freedoms in support of Bush’s War on Terror. It is not inconceivable that the US will go the way of England as depicted in the film.

In fact, in the Philippines, some of the things shown in the film have already happened and are still happening. As the soldiers involved in the Oakwood mutiny have asserted, the bombing in Davao was done by the soldiers themselves with no less than the then Armed Forces Chief of Staff or then Defense Secretary (Angelo Reyes) being involved.

And of course, the modus operandi of arresting people then labeling them as terrorists and later killing them extra-judicially is too plain to see by critical thinking people.

It would do well for the President and her Cabinet to watch this film.

This movie is recommended to all freedom-loving people, especially the Muslims, who now carry the stigma of terrorism the world over due to the Bush-war propaganda.I must say, hats off to the Wachowskis for their courage in making a film that goes against the Terror-mongerers of the world.

In the Philippines, such a movie could not be made. The producers / director would be charged with sedition by the administration.

See: Rolling Stone: V for Vendetta

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